The Void poster
The Void
The Void, 2017
Genre Horror
Studio Peaking Studio
Director Kristoffer Haugen [Another Movie]
Status Post Production
Rating 0
Runtime 0
A man is alone in his apartment as an ominous hourglass runs out, and strange things start to happen.



A man is alone in his apartment as an ominous hourglass runs out, and strange things start to happen.


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  • Had promise

    By EvilRyu78
    The premise and set up are very promising for this type of movie however there are a lot of low budget barriers that keep it from realizing its potential. There are also too many stupid decisions written for the characters forcing you to say out loud “why did they just do that?”. There are only a couple of decent scenes and one at the end but even that wasn’t worth me spending $12 when it 1st can out. Even after watching it I would only recommend it to someone if it was a 99 cent rental and even then I would expect that person to yell at me. Shame, the trailer looked really good, not representative of the final film.
  • Great movie

    By Mexi408
    Really enjoyed it , had my doubts before watching it and I’m super glad I followed through was not expecting it. Give it a chance movie it’s actually quite good
  • Don’t Understand the High Praise

    By simmy131
    This movie has been getting a lot of unwarranted high praise, namely for its use of practical effects. Point blank: they look cheap, and are unconvincing. More importantly, the story is a schizophrenic mishmash of hackneyed plot points strung together with the thinnest connective tissue. The only question you’ll be asking yourself as the credits roll is, “What the hell just happened?”
  • Decent indie horror movie

    By Rogueleader17
    The trailer to this movie is awesome and shows the best parts of the movie but the movie is very low budget and awkward. Events just happen without any explanation. The characters are unbelievable and the acting and script make it more a B movie. I never write reviews but I felt compelled to warn viewers that this movie is less like John carpenters The Thing and more like Sharknado.