American Folk poster
American Folk
American Folk, 2018
Director David Heinz [Another Movie]
Year 2018-01-26
Rating 0
Runtime 96
Two strangers, both folk musicians stranded in California, take a road trip to New York in the days after 9/11. A story about the kindness of strangers and the power of music.


They shared their voices to heal a nation.

Two strangers, both folk musicians stranded in California, take a road trip to New York in the days after 9/11. A story about the kindness of strangers and the power of music.



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  • Amazing movie

    By thechampishere93
    Every scene in this movie is an amazing combination of beautiful imagery and great storytelling. Joe, Amber and the rest of the cast delivered brilliant performances that I found inspirational and empathetic. I enjoyed this film as much as every bit of their music. Well done!
  • Great movie

    By WolfKnight1988
    It’s a great movie. I watch it all the time, I even watch it over and over like 20 times but I think they should have gave Miranda Hill more scenes because she’s a great actress.
  • Simple and powerful

    By attaboyluther
    One of the best films I've seem that is staged around 9/11. Simple and very heartwarming to see an America that felt united in their grief and resolve. It's sad to know that that America does not exist anymore. The acting was very good and the film was powerful in it's simplicity. I was kind of taken by surprise by this little gem.
  • Very light slice of life

    By FolkFan979
    This movie was sort of a gentle and quiet film. It takes place in the days after 9/11, and lightly touches upon how people were all a little kinder to each other. I think that was supposed to be a major theme in the movie, as it's stated bluntly at one point, but it is a brushed over theme instead, not going into the depth of any "helpers" along the way except 2 in the same town that help them with their broken down van, and the commune they stop by. I'm not a fan of musicals, and I'm glad this wasn't one, but I did expect a little more music when you have Purdy and Rubarth's voices- it would have been nice to hear more of them. It's a very on the surface movie, you feel no attachment to Elliot (Purdy) because you don't know a single thing about him, was he a lumber jack? Was he a serial killer? We don't know, and maybe that's the role, to just highlight Joni's journey, but scratch the surface and make us invest in the characters a little. For not being an actress, I thought Rubarth was charming. She was a very genuine, but even her story line, while we knew more and felt more of a connection with her, it was still a very light investment in the character. The end of the movie doesn't leave you either heart broken, or uplifted, you aren't hopeful, or sad, the characters aren't any of those things as they roll into a post 9/11 city either- which is pretty strange as well. I don't know anyone that couldn't look at the skyline and feel heartsick, I don't know anyone that went into the city and didn't feel a myriad of things from tension to emptiness, as a movie that was originally named "September 12th" I think I expected a whole lot of emotion from the characters, the music, and the plot. I didn't feel much at any point. The cinematography is absolutely breath taking, and that is the only part of the movie that made my heart race. The coming out scene also felt way out there, and like it was reaching for something that didn't apply to the movie. Had it been left that the woman was moved to come out because September 11th made her realize how much her girlfriend meant to her, I think that would have been perfect, but the whole angry republican dad and meek mom it cheapened things. I am not sorry that I watched it, but I don't think I'll be recommending it either.